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Arrano Network has reconsidered to distribution of its native token firm 5% monthly to 100% of verified funds at a time. Users can now reveiry email ands hold andx to claim the ANO tokens.
ANO token distributions ( www.arrano.network)

With the ongoing project developments and listing process, the Arrano Network team has made major changes to the ANO token distribution cycle and volume.

This is Big News for the Arrano Community and also an initiative towards a strategic development of the ecosystem and adding real-time value to tokens.

How to Claim the 100% ANO tokens?

Step 1: Log in to your Arrano Network account ( Use Dapp browsers of your Metamask, Trsutwallet, or Tronlink wallet )

Step 2: Follow the 3 Step simple Instructions on the ‘ ANO funds ‘ page.

  • Connect Wallet: One…

Follow the Standards with utmost superiority!

Hello Arrano Community! 👋

It’s a good time to talk to you. In this article, we will outline all the current challenges and upcoming developments to be made in Arrano Network that are best in the Interest of community and market growth. We have a quick roadmap to achieve the super!

Yes, you read it right!

Arrano Network is under new Strategic progress towards the native asset and decided to release 100% of Verified ANO holdings to the users who have submitted their wallet addresses and not Just 5% monthly.

The new distribution cycle…

Congratulations to the Arrano Community!

Arrano Networks ANO token Distribution has started on 20th April. The Airdrop if Registration and Referral tokens are being transferred directly to the BEP20 and TRC20 Wallets. The token is also up fir listing on centralized exchanges.
ANO token distributions ( www.arrano.network )

ANO Token Distribution Begins!

The Arrano Network Airdrop and Bounty Campaigns have been successfully completed and its time to distribute the tokens to participants. We begin with the phase 1 distribution of Register and Referal bounty that is live from 20th April 2021 to 30th April.

We’ve had different campaigns like Register, Referral, Social media, and Content creator bounty. The other campaigns will also be distributed in course of multiple phases.


  • The tokens are distributed only to accounts that are reverified and submitted their wallet addresses by ANDX holding criteria
  • This is being done to avoid fake registered…

Arrano Network announces the distribution of ANO token. The tokens will be distributed to wallet from 20th April in phase 1 to successfully submitted wallets.
ANO token Distribution ( www.arrano.network)

With the ongoing market trends in BEP and TRC Network, the first distribution of ANO token is will be held on 20th April. The tokens will be directly transferred to the submitted wallet address via several token distribution events.

  • The users who have successfully submitted their address till 20th April will receive the 5% ANO to their wallets
  • Then, Phase 2 Distribution will be held from 30th April
  • Phase 3 will be held with respect to the volume of submissions.

ANO Token

The Native token of Arrano Network with a great scope of trade figures and provides the authority to…

Connect Wallet | Hold ANDX | Claim ANO

Arrano Network is excited to release its native asset, ANO into blockchain wallets and then to exchanges. Here are the steps and criteria to claim your airdropped ANO funds to blockchain wallets.

ANO Token will be built on BEP20 and other chain ERC20 and TRC20.

ANO Token BEP20 Smart Contract : https://bscscan.com/token/0x9dd8d52629bf35b290dff525c8ef8a81c543125a

Steps and Criteria to Claim ANO tokens

Step 1 : Connect Wallet

Connect the Wallet address that holds ANDX tokens. ( You will receive ANO to the same wallet )

Step2: Authenticate ANO funds.

You must hold at least 0.10 ANDX in the connected wallet ( BEP20…

Add token and Start Trading

Guide by Arrano Network to help you understand how to Buy ANDX on JustSwap through TRX and USDT. The ANDX token is also listed on other exchanges too
Buy ANDX on JustSwap with TRX and USDT

This article will help you buy ANDX on JustSwap using TRX and TUSD.

Step 1: Connect Wallet

Visit https://justswap.io/ and Connect your wallet or Open this link on your TronLink or Tron wallet browser.

Step 2: Add Address

Go to “ Swap “ and enter this address in “ To (estimated ) “ feild


  • You will see ANDX token ( logo ) Select it

Step 3 : Swap

You can now Swap ANDX with TRX and USDT

Authenticate, Claim, Trade

ANO token distribution

Hello Community!

Arrano Network is Excited to Announce the Distribution of ANO tokens to the users who participated in the Airdrop.

ANO token Smart contract is ready on BEP and TRC and users will claim tokens to any of these wallets by following the address authentication criteria. The mobile app authentication is not required hereafter.

To Claim your ANO funds. authenticate your BEP20/TRC20 Address by holding at least 0.1 ANDX for 5 Days.

(must be bought from PancakeSwap or JustSwap, TRC20 address to add token: TCdvet6k6PdtiNd2YDVPAexDP11T7PZowc )

This is a one-time authentication process and then your provided…

Add address | Place Swap Request | Receive token

We are pleased to announce that the TRONSCAN team has whitelisted our Defi asset ANDX token and as a result, you can now see it on the Tronscan blockchain explorer.


We will now be processing all the ANDX purchase orders via TRX to receive the TRC20 ANDX tokens in wallets.

IMPORTANT: USE ONLY TRONLINK WALLET’s RECEIVER ADDRESS ( at this poin only Tronlink pro wallet is supported)

Simple Steps to Place the Swap request.

Step 1: Add the token address to TronLink Wallet

  • Open the TronLink Pro app and Click on “ Add asset “
  • Enter the…

Create, Publish, and Get Paid

We are excited to expand our operations into different dimensions with some youtube influencers and content creators.

Arrano Network for the Very first time is releasing a giveaway/pay of its DeFi token ANDX, for which 1000 ANDX tokens are in pay for 1 year of the term. The token is already listed on PancakeSwap.

We invite Finance and Crypto YouTubers, influencers to join our Youtube team and create quality and insightful videos about the ongoing updates, Project guides, Token predictions, and be the first in your network to talk about it.

The Giveaway reward will…

Trade and Provide Liquidity

ANDX token , the Defi token by Arrano Network is listed on Pancakeswap, the biggest BSC-based Decentralized exchange. Users can trade ANDX for BNB, BUSD and others and also provide iquidity. www.arrano.network
ANDX token listed on PancakeSwap

We are happy and excited to announce the first full swing listing of ANDX token on PanCakeSwap — The largest Binance network decentralized exchange.

PanCakeSwap allows traders to exchange $ANDX for $BNB, $BUSD.. and vice versa or add $ANDX to the liquidity pool to earn a trade interest fee.

To Swap $ANSX or add liquidity simply open PancakeSwap and Connect your Metamask wallet, TrsutWallett, Safepal, or any other BEP20 supported wallet


ANDX BEP20 Address : 0xb63a911ae7dc40510e7bb552b7fcb94c198bbe2d

We have Injected sufficient liquidity to get the swap started and the trade is taking a swing from moderate…

Arrano Network Dex

A collaborative workspace for the development of fair crypto products like Decentralized Ex, P2P, Launchpad. Powered by ANO and ANDX tokens. www.arrano.network

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