Hello Arrano Community!

Arrano Network operations are back on track and we thank the community for the support shown so far.

As to begin with major developments we have some exciting updates for the community

BSC Network has an incredible ecosystem- after Ethereum network BSC is most prominent to offer…

On Community and market demand.

Arrano Network has reconsidered to distribution of its native token firm 5% monthly to 100% of verified funds at a time. Users can now reveiry email ands hold andx to claim the ANO tokens.
ANO token distributions ( www.arrano.network)

With the ongoing project developments and listing process, the Arrano Network team has made major changes to the ANO token distribution cycle and volume.

Users can now claim their 100% ANO tokens in Verified fund directly to their BEP20 or TRC20 addresses.

This is Big News for the Arrano Community and also an initiative towards a strategic development of the ecosystem and adding…

Arrano Network announces the distribution of ANO token. The tokens will be distributed to wallet from 20th April in phase 1 to successfully submitted wallets.
ANO token Distribution ( www.arrano.network)

With the ongoing market trends in BEP and TRC Network, the first distribution of ANO token is will be held on 20th April. The tokens will be directly transferred to the submitted wallet address via several token distribution events.

  • The users who have successfully submitted their address till 20th April…

Add token and Start Trading

Guide by Arrano Network to help you understand how to Buy ANDX on JustSwap through TRX and USDT. The ANDX token is also listed on other exchanges too
Buy ANDX on JustSwap with TRX and USDT

This article will help you buy ANDX on JustSwap using TRX and TUSD.

Step 1: Connect Wallet

Visit https://justswap.io/ and Connect your wallet or Open this link on your TronLink or Tron wallet browser.

Step 2: Add Address

Go to “ Swap “ and enter this address in “ To (estimated ) “ feild


  • You will see ANDX token ( logo ) Select it

Step 3 : Swap

You can now Swap ANDX with TRX and USDT

Arrano Network Dex

A collaborative workspace for the development of fair crypto products like Decentralized Ex, P2P, Launchpad. Powered by ANO and ANDX tokens. www.arrano.network

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