ANDX Defi Pre-Sale is Coming!

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3 min readDec 12, 2020

Buy at the lowest price on 14th Dec 2020.

Arrano Network Announces the Pre-Sale of ANDX token, a Defi token with total supply of 81,800 & listed on Uniswap ,other DEX.
ANDX token sale on 14th Dec 2020

Dear Arrano Community

Since 6 Weeks of our official launch of Arrano Network, we have received overwhelming support from the crypto community. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for spreading our vision through Twitter, telegram, medium, Reddit, Youtube, and other platforms

As said, we will open the Public sale of the ANDX Defi token beginning from 14 December. The sale is set to be for 3 days but the community demands for extension of this time for 15 days. Arrano Says, if the hard cap isn’t reached we will extend the time.

This Article will be your one-stop place to know some answers you may wish to know about the Pre-Sale.

Please feel free to join our telegram( ), where our team is always on standby to answer any queries regarding this sale or Arrano Project.


Total Supply: 81,800

Total Allocated for Pre-Sale :60% ( 49,080)

Sale Timelines :

Phase 1 : 0.12 ETH = 1 ANDX ( 10 % Hardcap )

Phase 2 : 0.15 ETH = 1 ANDX ( 20% Hardcap )

Phase 3 : 0.20 ETH = 1 ANDX ( 30% Hardcap )

Is this sale only for ANO holders?

No, the pre-sale is an open-source event where you can connect your ETH wallet to buy ANDX tokens. ANO token holders will have an opportunity in the next round of sales to swap ANDX.

When will I receive my purchased ANDX token?

The purchases tokens will be sent directly to the ETH wallet you used for the purchase and the distribution will be completed within 3 days of sale end

Where will the ANDX be listed? and when?

ANDX token will be listed on Uniswap in a week of sale and the token will also be listed on 1inchexchage, Injective protocol, Arrano Dex, and more other decentralized exchanges.

Is this going to be first come first serve?

We have a hard cap of 49,000 ANDX and so we will have to close the sale if the hard cap is reached. It’s going to be a first come first serve element.

Where should i Purchase the ANDX token?

You can connect your ETH wallet and Make the Purchase only on . DO NOT buy from other websites or exchange until officially announced.


All the ANDX holders will also automatically enroll to be the member of Premium Community and will have the voting authority in making Arrano Network Development decisions.

2021 is the Defi year, are you ready?

With the ongoing developments in the Decentralized financing world Projects with genuine working Products and their token have grown rapidly.

Arrano Network is just the same, there is a trending Defi product Arrano Dex and its Native token ANDX. The economy of Arrano with powerful implementation is going to spike and the token value too.


We hope to see you sharing the same love and support you’ve been doing so far for the Arrano Network updates. We will keep you updated with the Pre-Sale and Other upcoming developments.


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