ANDX will be also on Tron Blockchain Now

Buy, Store, and Trade ANDX on Tron Wallets and Exchanges.

Arrano is building ANDX on Tron Bloclchain too. The token will support Tron based products along with Ethereum Network.
Buy ANDX with Tron ( TRX) |


  • ANDX token is ready to be integrated with Tron blockchain Network.
  • The Tron Smart Contract to purchase ANDX while paying TRX will be live soon on Arrano Network Site.
  • Users can now Buy and Store ANDX token in Tron Blockchain wallets like Tronlink and Klever

Arrano Network’s Defi token ANDX Pre-sale is in fulls wing and currently, users can buy ANDX using Ethereum ( ETH ). We will soon facilitate the use of Tron ( TRX ) to buy ANDX token in pre-sale.

That means ANDX token will also support Tron Blockchain products Like Storing in Tron Wallets ( Tronlink and Klever) and trading/ swapping om Tron-based Decentralized exchanges like JustSwap , TronTrade, etc..

ANDX token will also be listed in the month of Feb 2021 on both Ethereum and Tron Blockchain-based Decentralized Exchanges with a good volume of liquidity and trading volume.

  • To Support Tron (TRX) Community.
  • To Combat the high Gas Fee Issues ( JustSwap offers almost zero fees)
  • To create more diversity in ANDX token network

Additionally, we’ve also received emails and requests from Tron(TRX) lovers in the Arrano Community to implement this feature. Also. there are requests to adopt the Binance (BNB) blockchain, BNB too.

More details on Guides and other information will be announced shortly.

We Invite Tron Community to Join the Arrano Network .

By the way, the ANO airdrop for registrations and referral is still live


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