ANO Token Distribution Announcement

Authenticate, Claim, Trade

ANO token distribution

Hello Community!

Arrano Network is Excited to Announce the Distribution of ANO tokens to the users who participated in the Airdrop.

ANO token Smart contract is ready on BEP and TRC and users will claim tokens to any of these wallets by following the address authentication criteria. The mobile app authentication is not required hereafter.

To Claim your ANO funds. authenticate your BEP20/TRC20 Address by holding at least 0.1 ANDX for 5 Days.

(must be bought from PancakeSwap or JustSwap, TRC20 address to add token: TCdvet6k6PdtiNd2YDVPAexDP11T7PZowc )

This is a one-time authentication process and then your provided address will automatically be eligible to receive 5% to 10% Available ANO tokens monthly.

This process is :

  • To Eliminate the fake Airdrop participants
  • To Provide ANO token a good trading volume and balanced supply
  • To Tokenize and Strengthen the Arrano Network Platform

Un-authenticated funds will be released to wallets after August 2021.

The token will be immediately listed on BSC, TRC, and ERC-based exchanges with high liquidity volume.

Hurry Up! Claim your ANO tokens and be ready to experience the best Crypto trading.

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