ANO Token Distribution Begins!

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2 min readApr 21, 2021

Congratulations to the Arrano Community!

Arrano Networks ANO token Distribution has started on 20th April. The Airdrop if Registration and Referral tokens are being transferred directly to the BEP20 and TRC20 Wallets. The token is also up fir listing on centralized exchanges.
ANO token distributions ( )

ANO Token Distribution Begins!

The Arrano Network Airdrop and Bounty Campaigns have been successfully completed and its time to distribute the tokens to participants. We begin with the phase 1 distribution of Register and Referal bounty that is live from 20th April 2021 to 30th April.

We’ve had different campaigns like Register, Referral, Social media, and Content creator bounty. The other campaigns will also be distributed in course of multiple phases.


  • The tokens are distributed only to accounts that are reverified and submitted their wallet addresses by ANDX holding criteria
  • This is being done to avoid fake registered accounts.
  • Tokens are sent directly to the submitted addresses
  • The tokens are distributed in multiple phases as there are accounts yet to complete their re-verification.

You can check the process on our explorer here :

Airdrop Summary

A total of 3% ( 30000000 ANO ) out of 1 Bn total supply was allotted for 2 Bunty rounds and as per the current claim volume, we have reached the allotted numbers as bounty participation.

The team had a breakdown of distribution as there are 30% of users yet to reverify accounts and complete the claim process.

Some FAQ’s regarding the distribution

  1. My ANO tokens are still locked, how do I claim?

The Reverification process via email + mobile will resume after the completion of phase 1. Check for the announcement after that.

2. My available funds are 0 but I have it in verified funds.

Not to worry, if you have passed all the criteria you will be able to claim the tokens, we will update the data accordingly.

3. I did not receive my funds after submission?

We are coming in order and with regards to the transaction speed of BSC and TRC tokens. Be patient while we process all the orders.

4. No Purchase history.

Check after 5 Days of holding ANDX in your wallet, if you still don't receive kindly wait while we update the data into the system.

We Thanks to all the Airdrop participants and token sales for helping us build such a strong and large community. We ask for your continued support and putting more strength in us.

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