ANO Token Distribution Phase 1

Arrano Network announces the distribution of ANO token. The tokens will be distributed to wallet from 20th April in phase 1 to successfully submitted wallets.
ANO token Distribution (

With the ongoing market trends in BEP and TRC Network, the first distribution of ANO token is will be held on 20th April. The tokens will be directly transferred to the submitted wallet address via several token distribution events.

ANO Token

The Native token of Arrano Network with a great scope of trade figures and provides the authority to users of being Arrano Community member.

Total Supply : 1 Bn ( 1,000,000,000 ANO )
Available Supply : 49% ( 490,000,000 ANO)
Smart Contract :


ANO token is listed on PancakeSwap and further listing into Centralized exchange is in process

FAQ’s on Claiming ANO token

Currently, the Re-verification model is on standby, we will have an official announcement once it is live . You can then reverify and submit the claim request.

2. How can i claim ANO tokens?

Please note that you can claim the tokens that are in your “Verified Funds”. To place a claim request you must hold at least 0,1 ANDX in the same wallet for 5 days. Thereafter you can place the swap request.

BUY ANDX from here
JustSwap :

3. I See the “ No Purchase history “ message when I try to claim.

If you are a TRC20 Holder please wait for the announcement to submit the claim. If you are a BEP20 holder please see if you have passed 5 days holding. Still have the issue connect with our support executive on telegram.

4. Holding ANDX in the wallet.

You can trade ANDX in your wallet with free will, but make sure at the time of claim submission your wallet must have 0.1 ANDX .


“ Please comment your questions below to add up to the FAQ section “

Arrano Network Community

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Arrano Network

A collaborative workspace for the development of fair crypto products like Decentralized Ex, P2P, Launchpad. Powered by ANO and ANDX tokens.