Arrano App Community Testing Completed Successfully.

We have successfully completed the testing Round 1

Arrano Network invited the users to join the Community testing of App last week. The results are out and in operation.
Arrano App Community Testing Completed (

Last week the Arrano Mobile app test version was live and we invited the community to test the app. The response to this update was overwhelming and more than 20,000+ users rushed to participate in this test.

The app worked fine and the Account verification to Authenticate the ANO funds worked fine. Meanwhile, we’ve also figured out some bugs that will be updated in next version.

Thanks to the Community!

We’ve recorded a total of 8000+ apk downloads among which 2000 Feedbacks were picked, included some valid points. Most of them expect to have to see Arrano as a one-stop user-friendly and low-cost Crypto app.

We thank the Community for such wonderful participation and for sharing their valuable feedback

Whats Next?

  • The app is under the operations, wherein regular new version will be released further to this.
  • The Next version of App will be uploaded to Google Playstore.
    Getting started with the Android app, we will soon have the iOS app ready too
  • The app is expected to reach 10 Million downloads in 6 months of time along with the development and Integration of its Own Blockchain network.
  • As per the New Roadmap, the ANDX token will be listed into ETH and TRX based exchanges in Feb 2021 . Go get your token in presale
  • ANDX can now be purchased using TRX payment.


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A collaborative workspace for the development of fair crypto products like Decentralized Ex, P2P, Launchpad. Powered by ANO and ANDX tokens.

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