Arrano Login Reward Program Released (Beta Version )

Scracth and Win ANO and Crypto Reward

Arrano Network Login Rewards is live, the program provide users with 42 scratch cards( one each day )which will offer reward
Arrano Login Rewards. Arrano Decentralized exchange

Hello Community.🥳

The Login Reward Module was live for 48 hours of testing among the community and we’ve seen a huge volume of participation.

We thank the developers' community to observe the user behavior keenly and provide valuable feedback.

The Newer version of Login reward is live and running! This time it the rewards are for 42 days 🎉

Users have to log in to the Arrano account and stay for at least 5 minutes to activate the scratch card of their respective day.

  • Each day only one reward can be scratched.
  • Make sure you claim your reward after scratching the card.
  • The next reward will open on the next day(12:00 AM CEST +1).
  • For crypto rewards please complete the task and submit your crypto address.

Feel free to comment on your valuable feedback and queries.

All the Best

Arrano Network Community

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