Arrano Network: The Next Updates will excite you.

We’re developing our platform one Step at a time.

Arrano is a grown up decentralized exchange project with the collborative community to develop and deploy defi products.
Arrano Project (

Arrano Network A Decentralized Exchange platform in the building has grabbed huge attention over 2 weeks of the Project start. We have seen immense support and appreciation from the community on all the platforms like Twitter, medium, Redditt, and telegram.

As a Blockchain Industry initiative, we understand that the whole crypto community needs a platform to learn and understand the basics of blockchains, cryptocurrency, trading, and savings.

“ With the knowledge, also comes power”. Arrano will provide the power to every community member to Learn, Explore, and Earn their super from blockchain opportunities.

With the rapid growth, we are keeping things sorted and will release all the options in a series to keep in friendly and easy going for the community.

In the Next Update

  • Email Verification Will begin for Accounts

There are more mainstream things to come on like Arrrano Network like P2P, Dex, Token, and others.

It’s time to Get going with Arrano towards a Big Future.

Arrano Network is a collaborative workspace project, wherein developers and media teams are collectively working towards the development of Arrano Developments in a decentralized structure.

We also have a Progress Tracking module to which in each project phase can be documented, with important information such as The Project status, the meetings, next steps and artifact links to prototypes, etc.

Thanks for the Support.
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⛏ Total supply: 1000,000,000

A collaborative workspace for the development of fair crypto products like Decentralized Ex, P2P, Launchpad. Powered by ANO and ANDX tokens.