ArranoMobile App is now live on Android!

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Arrano Network mobile app is live on android app. You can downlaod and authorize your ANO funds and enjoy the simplified Crypto financing solutions.
Arrano mobile is live on android (

Great News! Arrano Network’s mobile app is now live on Google Playstore that can be found here .

This is a beta version android app with a simple and sleek UI design, offering all the necessary features of the Web application. The iOS version of this will also be released with updated bugs and features.

What can you do in the app?

  • Download & First log in to Authenticate ANO funds to Verified account
  • Access to Free Crypto e-Books under Arrano academy
  • Access to Crypto Wallets ( A cross-chain wallet to hold crypto)
  • Watch Defi Market overview, graphs, and other details
  • View your connections list, View updates, and Share feedback.

The app is built with a vision “ Crypt for All” and Intended to provide users with simplified and advanced crypto services.

In addition to the beta version we

  • Supporting ERC-20, TRC-20, BEP-20, and other standard blockchain tokens.
  • A P2P Model for Fiat to Crypto Exchange
  • A Blockchain environment for Dex Wallet, Decentralize exchanges, and other Defi apps
  • Adding more friendly and insightful e-books for beginners and traders in text, audio, and video form.

Download Arrano Network Mobile App Here

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