Become an Arrano Network Contributor. An opportunity to start with DeFi

Arrano Network Community, an open-source project for DeFi developments that represent innovations, freedom, and opportunity in the world of blockchain. The tally shot up from zero to straight 200 plus in less than a span of 4 days furnishing the positive approach of the community towards the network.

Arrano enables the contributors to contribute in the way they are skilled with. It empowers you to come up with your ideas depending on the various options provided. You can put up your views in the form of a developer or as an author etc. Below are mentioned the different roles one can take up in the wake of building the DeFi Products.

Out of 1 billion Supply — 49% ( 600,000,000 ANO ) are reserved for the Community distribution.

The 4 community falls as :

The Arrano network offers you the opportunity to enroll yourself as a ‘Developer’ in this community to develop DeFi products and protocols. The network is basically a modular framework of the Web3 and the Solidity team to work in a limited pool. Developers with the capacity to think out of the box in the view to build a new world are welcomed in the community.

The people who wish to promote the network can enroll as ‘Authors’ here in the Media and Authors community. Arrano network calls for the authors with exceptional writing proficiency having the ability to communicate the world through the words. The network has the vision to educate the people about the Arrano network and therefore requires a group of global media teams and authors to create and publish thoughtful content for the network.

Arrano network requires people who are blockchain enthusiasts willing to spread the Arrano network to the world. By conducting zoom meetings, webinars, workshops, etc, the introducers can engage the masses to educate them about the Arrano network and tokens.

The network invites the liquidity providers who can purchase the Arrano’s native token in the early days and hence trade and stake the tokens.

Huge piece of ANO supply reserved for the community

The Arrano network has a huge reserve of 1 billion tokens out of which 49 percent is reserved for the community members. Nearly 1 percent of tokens would be distributed in the form of airdrop or bounty. Therefore the community members can get benefited with the tokens

Arrano Network is awaiting for the brilliant minds who can contribute according to their skills and enjoy the rewards and other benefits. Arrano would be the next big thing in the decentralized platform and also the future.

✔️ Name: Arrano Network (ANO)

💬 Official Telegram Group:

📃 Litepaper:

🌐 Website :

🐤Twitter :



⛏ Total supply: 1000,000,000 ANO

Referral Bounty: 1% of the total supply

A collaborative workspace for the development of fair crypto products like Decentralized Ex, P2P, Launchpad. Powered by ANO and ANDX tokens.

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