Great Opportunity for the early adopters of ANO token.

Arrano Network’s ANDX Pre-Sale is live and the new feature to use ETH plus the ANO token is now allowed. ANO holders excited.
Buy ANDX wth ETH + ANO | Arrano Network

Arrano Network’s Defi token ANDX Pre-Sale is live and it's grabbing global attention from Defi traders and direct investors to reserve their stake in Arrano Dex Protocol for future benefits.

On High demand from the Arrano community, the option to buy ANDX using ETH+ ANO is allowed. Additionally, The Price of the token will continue to be the same, unless the verification of all ANO holder's Arrano account is completed.

Learn how to use ANO balance + ETH to buy the ANDX token at the lowest price.

  • Please refresh your account/login again for the latest update
  • Login to your account to Buy using ETH + ANO

The Purchase ratio is set to 40% of ANO and 60% ETH for your ANDX purchase.

Whereas, 1 ANO value = 0.004 ETH (Native purpose only )

For Example:
If you are buying $100 worth of ANDX you will have to use $40 of ANO and $60 of ETH,

Quick Terms:

1. If your ANO balance is less than 40%, the available ANO an also be deducted
2. Maximum of 40% of ANO can be used, if the purchase exceeds ANO balance then it will be deducted from the ETH balance
3. If you have No ANO, you have to buy using 100% ETH.


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A collaborative workspace for the development of fair crypto products like Decentralized Ex, P2P, Launchpad. Powered by ANO and ANDX tokens.

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