Claim your ANO tokens to your wallet in 3 Simple Steps.

Connect Wallet | Hold ANDX | Claim ANO

Arrano Network is excited to release its native asset, ANO into blockchain wallets and then to exchanges. Here are the steps and criteria to claim your airdropped ANO funds to blockchain wallets.

ANO Token will be built on BEP20 and other chain ERC20 and TRC20.

ANO Token BEP20 Smart Contract :

Steps and Criteria to Claim ANO tokens

Step 1 : Connect Wallet

Connect the Wallet address that holds ANDX tokens. ( You will receive ANO to the same wallet )

Step2: Authenticate ANO funds.

You must hold at least 0.10 ANDX in the connected wallet ( BEP20 or TRC20 ) to be eligible to Authenticate your funds.

👍Buy ANDX from PancakeSwap or JustSwap

Step3: Place claim token request.

After you hold ANDX for 5 days, you can visit the ANO funds page in your Arrano Network Account and Place your available ANO funds request.

Success! You are now eligible to receive monthly 5–10% tokens in available funds wallet on a one-time authentication process.

The ANO token distribution will start by 10th April and the trade will begin by 15th April.

Some FAQs you may wish to know!

👉How can Re-Verify my ANO funds?

👉My funds are locked because my referral did not re-verify the email and mobile app. How do I get them in verified funds?

“ Please comment your questions below to add up to the FAQ section “

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A collaborative workspace for the development of fair crypto products like Decentralized Ex, P2P, Launchpad. Powered by ANO and ANDX tokens.