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2 min readJun 30, 2022

Hello Arrano Army!

First, we would like to thank the whole community of users and developers for holding on to Arrano. It’s great to see all the folks reading this to keep up with Arrano.

Hereafter, we will keep all the operations in the loop and updates actively provided. The Arrano Network team is now working on all the operations we planned in the first whitepaper.

On the Go!

The new website is live with registration open for users to checking back to accounts. The account also supports new features and will keep the upgrades On as the go.

What’s new in the new Arrano Account?

In the New arrano existing users can log in to their accounts and explore the services.

Note: Those who are unable to find an account? Please try registering again

The Arrano Dex — Decentralized Exchange

A BSC main net token swap platform to trade your tokens with ease and instantly. The dex will also support liquidity with standard pool commission.

The dex is loaded in the beta version and will be upgraded with new features and options.

The Arrano Markets — Price tracker

A price tracking site for crypto assets with user-friendly reports and charts. The idea here is to provide a fully fledge crypto price tracking services with unbiased and real-time data

The Arrano P2P — Crypto to fiat converter

This is one of a kind new product in crypto marker. Yes, its a decentralized P2P exchange platform, that allows you to convert your crypto to fiat while just connected to your wallet.

Supporting both BUSD and USDT, the platform is now live for the Indian audiences as per the survey.

The ANO token

ANO token is the native token of Arrano Network, and will also be used for network fees and other payments in future upgrades. Currently listed on Pancakeswap the token is gaining its mass audience and back with the positive market sentiments.

Go bullish on ANO token:

Its time to work together

Get Started with Arrano Network, with more products coming and upgrading to the market needs Arrano will be one of the reliable and prominent networks.

Thank you

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