How to add the ANDX Binance Chain token to the wallet?

Do these simple steps before you Swap the token from your wallet.

Steps to add ANDX BEP20 token to Metamask and TrustWallet. Arrano Network ANDX is now issued on Binance Smart Chain and the swap bridge will begin soon.
How to add Binance Chain token to Metamals and TrustWallet (

Good News!
ANDX token is now also issued on Binance Smart Chain and users can easily swap their ANDX in ERC20 network to BEP20 network. This initiative was taken to tackle the high gas fee and on seeing new opportunities in Binance Network.

Before the Swap begins, you must add the token to your MetaMask / Trust wallet to validate the smart contract. This article will walk you through simple steps to add the ANDX token to your wallet.

Note : Please use the same address wallet through which the token was purchased or wallet holding the ANDX funds now,

Steps to add ANDX BEP20 token to your Metamask to Trust Wallet

For Buyers Via — MetaMask Wallet

  • Step 1 — Login to your Metamask wallet
  • Step 2 — Go to Setting > Networks
  • Step 3 — Tap on Add network in the bottom
  • Step 4 — Fill the form “ New RPC network “ ( Copy paste the inputs)

Network name: Binance Smart Chain


Chain ID: 56, or 0x38 if 56 doesn’t work

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL:

  • Step 5 — Click Save
  • Step 6 — Congrats! You now have a Binance Smart Chain Wallet Now !
  • Step 7: Go to the Main wallet
  • Step 8: In Top Wallet Network section — Select “ Binance Smart Chain”
  • Step9 : In the Bottom Tap “ +Add Tokens “
  • Step 10 : Select custom token and Enter the below ANDX BEP-20 token address


After you see ANDX token details Auto-fetched, Tap on Add token

  • Step 10: Congrats! Your token has been added to Metamask your wallet is ready to Swap, Send and Receive ANDX from this wallet


For Buyers Via — Trust Wallet

  • Step 1. Access Search Token Screen

Tap on the toggle sign on the upper right corner of the Wallet Screen

  • Step2: Scroll down to the bottom of the list of available tokens and you will see there + Add Custom Token.
  • Step3: Select Network as “ Smart Chain “
  • Step 4: Fill up the ANDX Token Details carefully and Tap on Done once filled in all required details.

ANDX token’s BEP-20 Contract address 0xb63a911ae7dc40510e7bb552b7fcb94c198bbe2d

  • Step 5: Token Successfully Added !

On the main wallet screen, the token will now appear. Since this is still a new token, the logo, as well as the price, will not be available.


Congrats you have now added the ANDX BEP-20 token to your Metamask / Trust Wallet. You are now able to Swap, Send and Receive ANDX ( BEP-20) tokens within the BSC network and Ethereum Network too.

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