How to buy ANDX with TRX

Buy, Store and Trade on Tron Blockchain

How to Buy ANDX with TRX (

ANDX token sale is about to finish and the token will be listed on exchanges with volume in Feb 2021.

With the community Demands and ongoing concerns of Gas fees and high volatility of token the ANDX is now also built on Tron Blockchain.

This means Users can now Buy ANDX with TRX. Store the token in Tron Wallet (Tronlik and Klever wallet) and Trade in Tron based exchanges like Just swap.

Step1: Visit the website, and click Pre-Sale

How to buy ANDX with TRX Step 1

Step 2: Select option “ Buy with TRX”

How to buy ANDX with TRX Step 2

You can also go for ETH if you wish to.

Step 3: Connect your TronLink Wallet (browser) , If using mobile use, Klever Wallet Mobile app browser.

How to buy ANDX with TRX Step 3

Step 4: Enter your purchase amount in ANDX ,

How to buy ANDX with TRX Step 4

You will see, the auto-calculated price in TRX to Pay, Click Go

Step 5: Success! You Order is placed
You tokens will be sent to your TRX Wallet within 12 hours of purchase.


Remember: You must have a sufficient TRX balance to make the transaction. Do not use exchange wallets to make the payment.

When will i receive ANDX in my TRX wallet?

Usually, the funds are sent within 12 hours of the transaction is confirmed.

Where will the ANDX be listed?

ANDX will be listed in all Trom based Decentralized exchanges ( DEX) like JustSwap and others. Also, in Ethereum based exchanges like Uniswap.

ANDX Smart Contract link for TRX blockchain?

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