How to Claim Your Arrano Tokens?

The Arrano Project having the vision of ‘DeFi for All’ are exploring the blockchain impact on traditional financing. The Arrano Platform will have the ability to serve potential customers of all backgrounds, from retail investors and algorithmic traders to institutions and dApps.

The Arrano Decentralized Exchange is the mainstream decentralized digital asset swapping platform. The platform allows users to exchange any crypto asset with high liquidity, lower fees and low latency.

About ANO Token

The Arrano Network has officially announced its native token, ANO which will be used for sharing community ownership and governance of the protocol.

How is the ANO Token distributed?

A total of 1 billion tokens has been generated which are scheduled to be released periodically in 5 years term.

  • 49% — 490,000,000 tokens for Arrano community members

The reserved 49% is further distributed among the 4 front community of Arrano Network.

  • 8% for the Developers Community in 4 phases of development that comes to 140,000,000 ANO tokens

How Do I Claim ANO tokens?

At the start, anyone can own ANO tokens by participating the Arrano Network Airdrop and Referral program. Each welcome and referral credirts 100 ANo tokens.

As of development proceeds the ANO will listed on Uniswap, Poloniex and other standar exchanges.

Referral Rewards

The ANO token holders can bring in their contacts on the platform and enjoy 100 ANO referral rewards in the form of tokens. It can be termed as the ‘Introducer’ rewards too. One can share his referral code or link, by which his references can successfully come on the network.

AirDrop and Bounty

Airdrop is basically the distribution of a cryptocurrency token or coin, usually for free, to numerous wallets. In the view of gaining attention and new followers, airdrop results in a large user-base and a wider disbursement of coins.

On the other hand, Bounty is the reward in tokens that a cryptocurrency/blockchain project gives away after a user successfully completes a certain task. For eg, if a community member does any promotional event, he would be rewarded in tokens.

A collaborative workspace for the development of fair crypto products like Decentralized Ex, P2P, Launchpad. Powered by ANO and ANDX tokens.

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