Introducing Arrano DEX, Swap all BSC tokens

Arrano Network
2 min readNov 10, 2021

Hello Arrano Community!

Arrano Network operations are back on track and we thank the community for the support shown so far.

As to begin with major developments we have some exciting updates for the community

BSC Network has an incredible ecosystem- after Ethereum network BSC is most prominent to offer good Defi services like DAOs, oracles, non-fungible tokens, decentralized exchanges, online games.. etc

We built a service for Arrano Community

We hope you enjoy these new products as much as we enjoy building them!

Arrano Dex — Swap and Decentralized Exchange

Arrano Dex is BSC-based on Decentralized exchange that provides a swap of ANO & ANDX with BNB and also Swaps between all BSC-based tokens.

Arrano Dex ( Arrano Decentralized Exchange )

How to Swap on Arrano Dex ?

Since this is a BSC based Dex you can swap only BSC coins, just like Pancakeswap.

  • Visit
  • Connect your BSC Wallet
  • Enter the tokens you want to swap in the form

Looking for support? Contact here

Liquidity and Fees

Arrano Dex will distribute arrund 0.3% of trading fee to liquidity provider OR the Standard will follow as of pancakeswap — ( A full scale liquidity adding model will be introduced in the next versin )

Other Updates

ANO Token

  • Trading on Pancakeswap at an average of $1 — Contract
  • ANO Token distribution has been completed successfully
  • Free Distribution of ANO will also be completed before entering 2022
  • Add ANO toke to watchlist on CMC —
  • ANO token will be the native token for Arrano Network and will be listed on exchanges accordingly

ANDX Token

  • Trading on Pancakeswap at an average price of $10 — Contract
  • All the ANDX distributions have been completed successfully and admin has no ANDX Debts.
  • Add ANO toke to watchlist on CMC —
  • ANDX token will power up the Decentralized exchange and will be used as collateral to ANO token.

Stay Connected with us for all the latest Project updates and HOLD YOUR TOKENS, WE’RE GOING TO RISE!



Arrano Network

A collaborative workspace for the development of fair crypto products like Decentralized Ex, P2P, Launchpad. Powered by ANO and ANDX tokens.