Join the Arrano Network Youtube Team

Create, Publish, and Get Paid

We are excited to expand our operations into different dimensions with some youtube influencers and content creators.

Arrano Network for the Very first time is releasing a giveaway/pay of its DeFi token ANDX, for which 1000 ANDX tokens are in pay for 1 year of the term. The token is already listed on PancakeSwap.

We invite Finance and Crypto YouTubers, influencers to join our Youtube team and create quality and insightful videos about the ongoing updates, Project guides, Token predictions, and be the first in your network to talk about it.

The Giveaway reward will be rewarded to you and also to the users who have the highest engagement volume on your posts.


Arrano Network will announce updates on its official Mediu, twitter channels, For Instance, we release an update of our “ ANO token is listing on some exchange “, You might create a Video of ANO tokens previous updates and New Update and also about the exchange and so on.

All you have to do is, If the update falls into your category pick it, create a video and publish it.

Video Requirements as below :

  • Your YouTube channel must have at least 5000 subscribers to be eligible.
  • Must create & publish a Video ( include the update) on every major official update.
  • Talk only the truth, what is being officially announced. Although you are free to add some positive perspectives and predictions too
  • Must Include the name “ Arrano Network “ in the title, and SEO-friendly description, and a link to the website

Reward / Pay

  • Arrano Network will release payment in ANDX tokens as base Pay along with Crypto rewards on good engagement rate.
  • We will select users from your Comments section who have created a good engagement and will also be rewarded. (You can mention the Giveaway in your video)
  • The video will be rewarded with regards to components like Good Content and Performance.

Participate here:

By submitting the form you opt to join the team and work as per the guidance in the above article. The Respective Payments will be released on weekly basis.

We will continue the further detail exchange over mail/telegram lead by our partnership manager Mr. Kevin Fellex here:

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