Listing ANDX(BEP20)on PancakeSwap

Trade and Provide Liquidity

ANDX token , the Defi token by Arrano Network is listed on Pancakeswap, the biggest BSC-based Decentralized exchange. Users can trade ANDX for BNB, BUSD and others and also provide iquidity.
ANDX token listed on PancakeSwap

We are happy and excited to announce the first full swing listing of ANDX token on PanCakeSwap — The largest Binance network decentralized exchange.

PanCakeSwap allows traders to exchange $ANDX for $BNB, $BUSD.. and vice versa or add $ANDX to the liquidity pool to earn a trade interest fee.

To Swap $ANSX or add liquidity simply open PancakeSwap and Connect your Metamask wallet, TrsutWallett, Safepal, or any other BEP20 supported wallet

ANDX BEP20 Address : 0xb63a911ae7dc40510e7bb552b7fcb94c198bbe2d

We have Injected sufficient liquidity to get the swap started and the trade is taking a swing from moderate to high volume.

About ANDX token

A Defi token of Arrano Network Platform , the colloborative workspace for faor crupto developments.

Token Name: ARRANO DEX
Ticker: ANDX
Total Supply: 818000
Available supply :
Whitepaper :
Smart Contract :
BEP20: 0xb63a911ae7dc40510e7bb552b7fcb94c198bbe2d
TRX20 : TCdvet6k6PdtiNd2YDVPAexDP11T7PZowc
ERC20 : 0xb63a911ae7dc40510e7bb552b7fcb94c198bbe2d

Stay Updated

  • Those who have bought the ANDX token in Pre-sale are guided to place the ANDX BEP20 Swap request. Click here to know more.
  • ANDX will be also listed on other centralized exchanges
  • Please follow us on Twitter for the latest project updates.
  • Hold your ANDX for the best opportunities and price to come.


For any queries on ANDX swapping on this connect directly with our community managers here


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A collaborative workspace for the development of fair crypto products like Decentralized Ex, P2P, Launchpad. Powered by ANO and ANDX tokens.