Login Rewards Program Concluded Successfully

42 Scratch Cards with ANO and Dollar Rewards.

Arrano Network’s Login reward program that offered free ANO tokens to users on daily login sessions is completed today ( 15/1/2021 ).

The reward started on Nov 20 2020 has a 42 Days program.

We feel amazing to 86% of the users ( 145000+ ) participated in the program and claimed free ANO tokens to their Arrano wallets.

Login Rewards not just offered ANO tokens as a reward, some lucky users were able to win a dollar reward ( $10 to $50 ).

All the respective ANO tokens and Dollar rewards have been claimed and we see a huge request to keep the reward program Going.

We are Growing!

Arrano Network is with the vision of building the largest Crypto community that will learn, Earn, and explore the crypto world benefits.

Currently, Arrano has active users from more than 50 countries and almost 150 ANDX token holders( and growing ).

With current developments going, we will shortly announce some interesting updates to the community.

On this journey, we thank everyone for their Interest, Support, and Participation.

Stay tuned for a Big Future!

Arrano Network Community

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💬 Official Telegram Group: https://t.me/arranonetwork

📃 Litepaper: https://arrano.network/assets/litepaper.pdf

🐤Twitter : http://twitter.com/@arranonetwork


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