The Arrano Network — Unlocking Innovation, Freedom and Opportunity of DeFi

It’s been 4 days the Arrano Network official website was launched to assist supporters and contributors of the ecosystem to understand the Project vision. We are amazed to see the positive vibes of community, growing from 0 to 200+ active contributors. The Arrano team expresses gratitude and love for the project.

Arrano Network differs from the ongoing DAO projects in being clear and ideal with a mission. We believe the Arrano network will be a work of art in the world of blockchain that represents innovations, freedom, and opportunity.

The Team is motivated to see huge investment offers from angels and VCs but the Community policies do not support this action and so we cannot make any investments.

The very first product we are popping out is the DEX — Arrano Decentralized Exchange! Arrano Dex is a decentralized exchange introduced by Arrano Network. The Arrano Dex allows users to swap their Crypto tokens with a complete wallet to wallet and decentralized structure without the need to send your decentralized assets to centralized exchange platforms.

The Arrano Policies are made clear to grow in stages by distributing the ANO tokens (Arrano Network governance assets) for initial support which are followed with community distributions and some bounty rewards.

DeFi for All- Despite the complexity of this Technology to a normal person, we will take this into consideration and make it reach every pocket.

The Arrano Dex will have the ability to serve potential customers of all backgrounds, from retail investors and algorithmic traders to institutions and dApps.

Phases of Arrano Network Council

The Arrano Network team was formed in a decentralized workspace and our common interest, vision and ideologies brought us together. We started with the development of the Arrano ecosystem protocol under a multi-signature wallet, we ensured complete transparency and un-authority of any detail of the project.

Once all the permissions of protocol and smart contract have been set we will change the multi-signature wallet and set the adjustments to Public signature wallets.

After we are satisfied with the operations of the base protocol we will use the Multi-Signature wallet authorities publicly and allow other contributors to participate in the early stage of the project.

This is about forming communities of Developers, media, introducers, market makers who can vote and propose any changes to the protocol.

These Contributors are rewarded in ANO tokens, ETH, and other privileges.

What is this council about?

In a DeFi event held before the COVID-19 pandemic, we got this idea of building an ecosystem of blockchain enthusiastic people who can contribute to the development of real-time DeFi products.

We’ve spent a lot of time planning and organizing things.

The Arrano team says’ The next billionaire should not only be a trader, but they are also common regular people or retail businesses who look for essential financial services. They will be able to invest and grow their savings”.

Arran Token (ANO)

The ANO token is essential for creating the right incentives in the network. The Whole ecosystem powers the interaction of all community members. In a series of sessions the token will be distributed.

The Whitepaper of the same will be released shortly.

Arrano’s DeFi Products are built on a Decentralized ecosystem of developers, designers, media, legal compliances, market makers, and services integrated via the ADAO Protocol.

The Initial Communities Include

The Arrano Factory — Developers Community

A Modular framework of Web3 and Solidity team to work in a limited pool to develop Arrano DeFi products and protocols

The Media hub — Media & Authors Community

Group of global media teams and authors to create and publish the thoughtful content of the Arrano Network. Aim to educate people about Arrano Network and Arrano token

The Introducers — Introducers Community

Blockchain enthusiast who will organize Zoom meetings, webinars and workshops to engage and educate people about the Arrano Projects and Arrano Token

The Liquidity role — Market makers/traders community

Early purchasers of ANO tokens who will engage in providing liquidity to the token and traders to stake and trade the tokens.

Through clear communication, we believe Arrano can become widely understood for what it is: a powerful blockchain platform that can help businesses, economies, governments, and communities transformed for the better.

We Look Forward to Collaborating with all You!

Be a Contributor and for the Good o the whole community.

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Arrano Network

A collaborative workspace for the development of fair crypto products like Decentralized Ex, P2P, Launchpad. Powered by ANO and ANDX tokens.