Tutorial: Swap ANDX to TRC20 ANDX token.

Add address | Place Swap Request | Receive token

We are pleased to announce that the TRONSCAN team has whitelisted our Defi asset ANDX token and as a result, you can now see it on the Tronscan blockchain explorer.


We will now be processing all the ANDX purchase orders via TRX to receive the TRC20 ANDX tokens in wallets.

IMPORTANT: USE ONLY TRONLINK WALLET’s RECEIVER ADDRESS ( at this poin only Tronlink pro wallet is supported)

Simple Steps to Place the Swap request.

Step 1: Add the token address to TronLink Wallet

  • Open the TronLink Pro app and Click on “ Add asset “
  • Enter the below contract address in the text box

“ TCdvet6k6PdtiNd2YDVPAexDP11T7PZowc “

  • You see an “ ANDX” token with the same contract address and logo — Add it.

Step 2: Place the Swap request from Arrano Website

  • Visit https://arrano.network/swap-andx
  • Click “ Connect TRC” and connect the Same Tronlink or Kelver wallet that was used to place the ANDX purchase order
  • You see your ANDX in “ In Order “,
  • Important: In “ Enter Receiving BEP20 Address” enter only TRONLINK PRO waller address, DO NOT USE KLEVER WALLET OR ANY OTHER WALLET ADDRESS.
  • Submitted successfully.

Step 3: Arrano Network team will Verify and Send the TRC20 ANDX token to your provided TronLink Pro wallet address within 12 hours of order confirmation.

For faster processing, you can simply share the Screenshot and your Purchased wallet address to us on telegram community manager Mr. Kevin Fellex Kevin https://t.me/KevinFellex.

Please be patient on Receiving and holding the token after listing, we are executing a bigger operation for the project to grab new buyers and the token shall have a larger than scale value and demand.

ANDX is listed on JustSwap with good liquidity and will be officially announced. The token will be listed on more exchanges accordingly with a strong base set up.

PS: The ANDX token is already issued on BEP20 (Binance Smart chain ) and Listed on PancakeSwap with active trade volume.


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