What’s Happening in Arrano Network (09/01/21).

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2 min readJan 9, 2021


Arrano Network is Now Ready for 2021.

Arrano Network Update

In the past one month, we have been actively working on the development of Decentralized exchange and P2P models and as a result, we are very close to deploying the applications into the network.

We’re also not in-line with the Roadmap which is not acceptable by standard processing of projects but in the next Update of Roadmap, we realize the technical and functional challenges and urge to get the best for Community and token holders.

Some FAQs

ANDX Pre-Sale

The Pre-Sale started on 14 Dec 2020 which was projected for short term, was extended with regards to the Use of ANO tokens to purchase ANDX and other developments.

ANDX Presale will now end on 10th Feb with a 30 days reserve bonus program into 3 phases.

Listing of ANDX tokens will be done after the Pre-sale is completed.

Decentralized Exchange

The ANDX token was set into Pre-sale for the purpose of funding the Development of Arrano Decentralized exchanges. On account of not reaching the target, the development was delayed but the product is now ready and is live on testnet.

We are all set with a functional part of the Dex and the timelines will be updated in the new Roadmap.

The White Paper.

The Arrano Network white paper will be released before the Pre-Sale ends with regards to new developments. The whitepaper was on hold with regards to the functional structure of ANO tokens and its blockchain which is also sorted now.

ANO and ANDX holders will find the new Update very interesting.

The Roadmap.

An answer to all the major queries from Arrano Network Community. The Roadmap’s next version will also be live before the Pre-Sale end and will include all the necessary scope of future developments with regards to products and tokens.

We Thank the 1,50,000 + Community of Arrano Network and request to participate in the ANDX pre-sale and other updates for review and feedback.

Any delay in the Process shall have valid technical or fundamental reasons which will be shared publicly if asked.

The Growth of Project

With Ongoing developments and future plots of the Arrano Project, we scope a high and active user acquisition of ANDX and ANO tokens. The tokens will be listed on standard exchanges with good liquidity.

In Parallel flow, Arrano Network will also release its other products like P2P, Trade Analytics, Academy, and others.

Additionally, Arrano Network Partnerships are going to be hosted from Feb and users will see Arrano’s partnership with Crypto service providers and Projects.

For the latest Projects Update Please follow : https://twitter.com/ArranoNetwork

For Queries and Support: https://t.me/arranonetwork

Participate and Read about ANDX sale on https://arrano.network/ANDX-sale

🌐 Website: https://arrano.network/

💬 Official Telegram Group: https://t.me/arranonetwork

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📃 Litepaper: https://arrano.network/assets/litepaper.pdf



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