ANDX BEP20 Bridge is Live!

Swap-Recieve your ANDX ERC20/ TRC20 to BEP20

ANDX token bridge to swap ERC20/TRC20 to BEP20 is live and now users can place their swap requested. The ANDX token is project to be listed o Pancakeswap and other Binance Network decentralized exchanges.
Swap ANDX ERC20/TRC20 to BEP20 (

Arrano Network is currently working on a Partnership with Binance and another crypto platform for a bigger exposure of our network.

In order to start trading ANDX tokens on BSC-based Decentralized Exchanges, like PanCakeSwap, we are migrating the ANDX tokens from ERC20 or TRC20 to the BEP20 network.

This is an announcement of the opening of our Swap portal wherein ANDX holders and Buyers(who haven’t received them yet) will be able to place a request to receive the tokens in the BEP20 Wallet.


Step 1: First, Add the token to wallet — Click here for the guide

Notably, Metamask, TrustWallet Support the BEP20 tokens. Please follow the guide to add the token, before placing the Swap order.

Step 2: Go to and Connect Wallet

Connect the Same wallet you used to place buy request you. You will see your funds in “ Available “ or “ In Order Funds “.

Step 3: Enter your Receiving address ( BE CAREFUL HERE )

Enter the Receiving address of ANDX BEP20 tokens. Make sure the address you provide supports BEP20 tokens.

If you provide an unsupported token, you will lose the funds when we send them to you.

Step 4: Confirm your orders

For: Available Funds —

You will have to Send the ANDX tokens in your ETH / TRC wallet to the provided address and Update the correct transaction hash

For: “ In-order funds

You will have to just Submit the request with the proper BEP20 receive address,

Success! Your Order to Swapt to ANDX BEP20 is placed, please allow the team 12–24 hours to send the converted BEP20 tokens.

Few Questions regarding this bridge function.

  1. Why is this swap being done?

To overcome the high gas fee on the ETH network and to provide more ANDX trading convenience on Binance Network.

2. Where will the token be listed?

The token is already listed on Pancake Swap and will be released in March itself for trading.

For any queries on ANDX swapping on this connect directly with our community managers here


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