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2 min readApr 27, 2021

On Community and market demand.

Arrano Network has reconsidered to distribution of its native token firm 5% monthly to 100% of verified funds at a time. Users can now reveiry email ands hold andx to claim the ANO tokens.
ANO token distributions (

With the ongoing project developments and listing process, the Arrano Network team has made major changes to the ANO token distribution cycle and volume.

Users can now claim their 100% ANO tokens in Verified fund directly to their BEP20 or TRC20 addresses.

This is Big News for the Arrano Community and also an initiative towards a strategic development of the ecosystem and adding real-time value to tokens.

How to Claim the 100% ANO tokens?

Step 1: Log in to your Arrano Network account ( Use Dapp browsers of your Metamask, Trsutwallet, or Tronlink wallet )

Step 2: Follow the 3 Step simple Instructions on the ‘ ANO funds ‘ page.

  • Connect Wallet: One chance only, the funds will be sent to this Connected address directly after submission
  • Authorize: Hold 0.1 ANDX in the same wallet for at least 5 days. You can buy ANDX from 1Inch Pancake or JustSwap with TRX.
  • Verify Purchase: Check back after 5 days by login in and connecting the same wallet, to verify.

Step 3: Submit the connected address.

Successful! ✌

Once submitted it takes us 48 hours to send the tokens sometimes it may extend based on high volume submissions.

ANO and ANDX listing are also in process and the same will done by 10th May, the project will have more partnerships coming ahead.

Hold tight, we are on the moon Journey!

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